So glad you are interested in our music
and ministry.
I have been involved in praise and
worship music as well as the music
industry in general for over 25 years.
Teaching, writing, producing, publishing,
and entertaining, are just to mention a
few of the things that we do. Concerts,
worship services, and recording sessions
are a daily part of our ministry. If you're
looking for excellence in music ministry.
We have many years of experience as
well as many friends in the ministry and
industry to help provide you with
whatever you're trying to achieve. As
we begin the site building process, Stay
in touch and who knows where the
connection will lead.

God's best to you,
Tony Hooper
Though worship is more about
the way we live and conduct our
lives, what we do with our time,
and how we care for orphans
and widows or the helpless, it is
also about the powerful times of
corporate worship whether it's
in a church, home or a stadium.
There is power in agreement.
We should spend more time
worshiping together. Start a
weekly small group, a monthly
night of worship for the
community, or quarterly city
wide gathering. It doesn't
matter where or when, just do it
and don't wait for the
established church to sanction
or lead it.
The amazing Phil Keaggy, Pastor Jeff
Norris, and me at the "Run With the
Horses 08" mentorship event at my
church in Winfield, Al. We sure miss you
Pastor Jeff!!!
The above CD recordings are
my latest... Both are
available on CD and I believe
you'll enjoy the music as well
as the presence of the Lord as
each song ministers to you...
You can order them here for
$15.00 and they'll ship
immediately. Thank You!!!
and Me at
"Men at
the Cross"

and me in
Tupelo, Ms.
Blues Counsel recorded at the Nutt
House in Muscle Shoals, Al.
and I in
New Recordings, Available! Now!!!
and me at
This is a Thumb Drive Braclett with 3
CD's on it!

1) David Harp Music
2) Live Worship in Israel
3) Messianic Prayers in Hebrew

Your $20 Donation will help us with
our missions work in Israel!!! Thanks!
Lincoln Brewster and Hoop at
Winter NAMM in Anaheim,
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Hoop with the Camp
Electric 2012 Band!!!
Bryan Duncan video shoot at Palm Tree
Productions in Tupelo, Ms.